TDF 387 Caitlin Gill

Roald Dahl. Caitlin Gill (@robotCaitlin on twitter @Caitlinistall on Instagram) loves the works. Knows the flaws of the man. Teaches me how prolific the guy WAS. She’s a great comic and this is a great ep. Enjoy.

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One thought on “TDF 387 Caitlin Gill

  1. Since you’re looking for books, might I recommend the Spells, Swords, and Stealth series by Drew Hayes (NPCs, Split the Party, and Going Rogue – ongoing not a trilogy)

    Basically what goes on in a tabletop RPG world when the Players aren’t around.

    He also did a superheroes series called Super Powereds which is a School based teen story but I’ve not read it.

    But might be fun for you.

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