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TDF EP 3 – Kathleen Madigan and Laurie Kilmartin



The new theme song is by Mike Ruekberg . It is adorable, fun to sing and fantastic.
Laurie Kilmartin and Kathleen Madigan had the longest conversation, before this, at the Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach two weeks ago. They learned that they were Kennedy dorks. And here they are REALLY talking about the Kennedys. It was fascinating and quite perfect for TDF. They are also hilarious and you should see them do standup out there.
Notes on this show: 1. The picture on this show is of Rosemary Kennedy. This photo is mentioned on the show. I could not find a workable family tree image in the heartbeat I looked if you want to “play along.” 2. John Winthrop and Anne Hutchinson are the Puritans that I refer to – not by name – that are the ancestors of John Kerry and George W. Bush. 3. Around minute 102:00 Laurie Kilmartin announces her new job!! First place to be announced! (except to loved ones I assume). 4. Right after that I run out of memory on my flash card. So… min 104:00 ish… smash cut to us wrapping it up. I will buy a larger one… and… 5. The show ends with me wandering in my mind about things and a reprise of Mexican Hat Dance by Mike Ruekberg by request. Thanks for listening! Jackie
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TDF EP 2 – Johnny Pemberton and Margie Kment

Well – it’s a brave new world. Audio… still working on levels. Me… learning what I’m LIKE in podcasty “conversation.” Huh. Compared to these two I am the coarsest human on the planet. They are ADORABLE!

Johnny Pemberton loves JAZZ. Weird. Good to finally meet someone who had reasons. Margie Kment is from Iowa but knows a LOT about Broadway. We scratch the surface but I learn that I don’t know what Le Mis is about and “Easy A” is the name of the teen sex romp that uses the Scarlet Letter.

It might be too soon to review the new format on iTunes… but I think even BAD reviews count. Also, not sure these notes should go HERE. You are loved. xo, jk
PS and a Correction: It’s Ben Acker and Ben Blacker actually, my mind is obviously in Austin, TX in 1996.

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TDF Ep 1 – Mike Ruekberg and Jim Woster

With Mike Ruekberg the Songwriter, Musician and meticulous man.He helped me (he claims that this is VERY rudimentary) set up the Dork Forest as a Pre-Recorded Podcast. And Jim Woster: stand up comic and founding member of a GREAT sketch comedy troupe called Oh, You and Your Bone Spurs.
Mike helped me with the taping and casually sung a couple songs. Because he’s a songwriter. He’s going to write a more standardized tune as intro and outro for the show. Because he’s awesome.
I didn’t clear the memory from the digital device used so it ENDS abruptly. Yeah. Work in progress Americans. And I (me) edited it. Not a lot. I liked the un-edited previous episodes – now the sound will just be better. That’s the point of this. We can all hear better now. You’re welcome. It will get better as we go, but I had a great time doing this. Thanks for listening.

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