TDF 384 Steve Young

Flavored water! Real Housewives! LA and the Thomas Guide. Oh yes? Steve Young (@mrsteveyoung and I dork out in stereotypic LA fashion about LA. We are ridiculous. Enjoy.

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One thought on “TDF 384 Steve Young

  1. Love this episode:)

    When I moved up here for my post soul-crushing-banking-job-yanked-from-me-forcing-me-to-go-back-to-school-and-finish-this-time gig. I put my life into Storage.

    My unit was broken into 3 times. (At least once I’m positive by the woman who ran it and her son. They stole all my CD’s (but had put them all on my computer so all’s good) my playstation2 and all my games (cry) my silverware, cookware, and my ties (125 strong collection mostly purchased for me by my ex-inlaws.)

    It was rough, but I’m kind of glad it happened. I’m much less attracted to stuff now. (And they didn’t get my basketball signed by the ’77 Championship Blazers.)

    Anyway…loved this episode.

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