This is an add-on to TDF. It’s an “after” show so this opens with the Mike Ruekberg rendition of “Mexican Hat Dance” and continues from there.

I USUALLY read old emails and comments so to catch up. But I just went back to my original dork stomping grounds so I tell andy more about it than, perhaps, even he wants to know. In any case, thanks for listening. I’ll get better at these as we go. LEARNING CURVE, FOLKS.

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One thought on “DORK Addendum FOURTEEN

  1. Cool. I find that the fellow who was the biggest ass toward me in junior high school these days spends most of his time on FaceBook promoting Bernie Sanders, which would not have been my first guess beforehand. I shall have to reflect on who might’ve considered me a bully early on…though one of my old high-school friends did let me know that they thought I was leaning that way years later (and I realized that jokes from those who have been bullied somewhat might not be understood the same way by those who had either not experienced physical violence at all, or who had entirely too much of it).

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