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Beer and boardgames. Wil Wheaton (@wilw) makes beer. He’s also WIL WHEATON. I learn about how to make beer (being from Wisconsin doesn’t preclude this learning) and we talk about games. It’s really fun. Enjoy!!

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2 thoughts on “TDF 320 – Wil Wheaton

  1. Hi Jackie,
    Just wanted to let you know, Wil left out a very important step when he was telling you about the malting of barley. The part where you actually malt the barley. You see, to make malt, the barley corns are first soaked in water and then allowed to sprout on trays. Then the malted barley is roasted, in part to stop the malting process at the right time, and also, as Will explained very well, to impart different flavours and colours to the finished brew.

    All this is to cause the starch in the barley to convert to sugar, maltose, that can then be fermented into alcohol. Starch can’t be fermented directly.

    Not all the starch is converted to maltose during the malting process, but that is okay, because during the brewing process, when the malt is cooked in hot water, the enzymes in the malt are able to finish the job and almost all the starch is converted and then dissolved into the wort.

    Thanks for letting me dork out about beer.


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