TDF Ep 7 – Beth Schumann and Mark Lee

Beth Schumann is one of the managers at Rooster T. Feathers – a comedy club I played at last week – and she likes Shakespeare… a lot. She studied for a masters in it and it all began with… Gillian’s Island!

Mark Lee featured (did the middle spot). MC (opening) spot was played by Mr. Red Scott (who has a really nice website. These kids!)

Mark loves him some rafting. I keep trying to insist it’s because of Huck Finn. It is not. Fun was had!! Listen up!

Note about minute 12: hi… I say, by name, the three “super-fans” (a word that I’m sure is not real) and I edited their full names out of the podcast with my shitty shitty editing skills. I thought they didn’t need their full names revealed. I thanked them a lot of course.

For the record, three people donated over $100, four donated $20-25, and one donated $50. It paid for the equipment – but not the website. SO… if you wanna donate – I need about $200/yr for website. And. Sure. If you donate $100 I’ll send a Ranger T-shirt and both CDs as a “gift.” That you paid for, as well as paying for/towards the podcast. Hit the donate button and write me a note and I’ll ask you want you want – in any case, you are loved and thanks.
jkNotes in no particular order:
Matches were invented.
Michigan hand map.
Wisconsin hand map.
Fuzzy Wuzzy might have been based on Kipling – third poem down – but LOOSELY.
Beth’s favorite Shakespeare’s Sonnet #130, because, as she says, “which I like to call ‘you may be ugly but I love you anyway’”

There IS an iPhone APP that you buy and gets you all the shows and, soon, EXTRA content.(like andy’s suggestion that you read/see Hamlet BEFORE you see R&G are Dead). If you have a Droid/Palm/Blackberry – you can get the latest ep at Stitcher.

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