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TDF 311 – Matthew Diffee


Juggler, Banjo Player & Cartoonist for the New Yorker; multifaceted dork diamond Matthew Diffee (@MatthewDiffee) will dork out about banjos and jugglin! His book is good. His comics are smart and fun and check out his website. http://www.matthewdiffee.com/ Cuz he’s great. Enjoy.

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This is an add-on to TDF. It’s an “after” show so this opens with the Mike Ruekberg rendition of “Mexican Hat Dance” and continues from there.

I do the audio on this so it doesn’t sound as good as when Patrick Brady does it. Don’t blame him. E me jackie@jackiekashian.com

I read old emails and comments, and we will eventually catch up. I tell you more about what I’m dorking out on currently. In any case, thanks for listening.

Hamilton: http://www.npr.org/2015/09/21/440925873/first-listen-cast-recording-hamilton

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