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TDF 303 – Matt Saxe

V-POTUS are celebrated by Matt Saxe (@vpmattsaxe and http://www.shadowhorsetheatre.com/). He does improv, has founded a theater group and is a filmmaker. He knows, by @jasonklamm’s own suggestion, MORE about Vice Presidents… and, for real, we hear some stories. You will Love. I Insist.

We all know I have an hour comedy video out and you can download it here: https://store.comedyfilmnerds.com/Jackie-Kashian-This-Will-Make-an-Excellent-Horcrux-Comedy-Special-Download/  or get the DVD on my site. It’s called “This Will Make An Excellent Horcrux” because comedy is all about soul 😉 … Own it today and forever. www.jackiekashian.com .

You can DONATE to the dork forest. And you SHOULD. Cuz it’s been a slow summer. If you love the show and have $10/month to donate, and the memory to do it each month, do eet!! If you want to support the show in other ways, talk us up! Get a shirt or CD/DVD at www.jackiekashian.com or www.dorkforest.com  – USE THE AMAZON banner at the very least.

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If you like a specific app – they are available with bonus content: iPhone or Android. Libsyn is also just PUBLISHING the bonus content, for free, with Andy and I talking about the show for a sec, on tdf.libsyn.com… no App needed. There you go.

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